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Dahse Financial Group believes in building strong Client Relationships.  Our approach to meeting with clients evolves around the philosophy of always doing what is best for people.  We believe that getting a clear understanding of a client’s needs and wants are key to building a successful financial plan.  As investment adviser representatives, we are able to build a client’s financial plan with a Need Based Approach, as opposed to selling product.  By helping clients gain a basic knowledge to financial planning and the advantages and disadvantages of various investment and life insurance products, we believe we can help clients build plans that they are proud of.


A Financial Plan is not a one-and-done process.  We value the relationships that we build with our clients.  By making the investment process easier for clients, we feel that it is easier to find and attain success.  When you are working with Dahse Financial Group you can feel confident that when you start working with our organization you will work with the same advisor at all times.  Unlike working with large investment companies, your account will NOT be shuffled from one financial advisor to another.  We believe that all clients are equal and treat everyone with the same high level of service.


What Stage of Planning are you in?

We are here to assist you through all stages of financial planning.  No matter if you are a new family just trying to figure out where to start, or a retiree needing assistance in planning your retirement income and assuring your assets are positioned to transfer to your heirs in the most efficient way possible, we are here for you. 


Dahse Financial Group believes there are THREE key phases to a Financial Plan – Accumulation Phase, Distribution Phase and Transfer Phase.  Each phase has its own challenges and we are here to assist you.