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Life Insurance

How much? What kind? How much will it cost?

These are the questions that make the decisions regarding life insurance frustrating for most families. We are flooded with information that frequently contradicts itself when it comes to life insurance. Dahse Financial Group believes in a needs based approach when helping clients get a better grasp of their life insurance needs.

Anyone with a family knows it is important to have life insurance to help take care of their family should they no longer be here to provide for them. However, far too many do not have the coverage they need. In many cases, they are not covered because they do not know what type of coverage to get, how much death benefit is enough, or how much it will cost?

At Dahse Financial Group, we help you gain a base knowledge of the different types of policies – term, permanent, as well as the positives and negatives of each. With this general knowledge, families can feel more confident in making planning decisions. As independent advisors, we are able to shop your policy to many providers to find the most coverage at the least possible cost.